Well, for the second year in a row, the stubborn pandemic was the driving force behind our coming up with some creative ways to manage the transition of our leadership team! The year has taught us a lot of new things, though, so unlike last year, we were actually able to gather together in a virtual setting to say goodbye to our 2020-21 leadership team and welcome our new team in a somewhat more customary fashion. Though we did it virtually, due to the usual in-person festivities being again tabled until a more socially viable opportunity, our outgoing President Jamie Dial was able to pass the gavel to our incoming President Richard De Nava.

The seamless transition means the work of the association continues unabated, and as we say goodbye to our outgoing leadership team and welcome the new, we do so with grit, determination and a lot of hope in this brave, new world. As we forge ahead, we’ll hang onto the words Rich left us with at the end of his remarks during Annual Conference last week: “They always say that the comeback is so much sweeter than the setback!”

In the meantime, for their contributions to the association during a most difficult year, we want to honor and thank our 2020-21 CASBO Board of Directors and Education Advocacy Foundation Board of Trustees. We offer all of you our sincerest gratitude for your service to CASBO, and we especially appreciate how you shepherded us through all of the chaos that the pandemic caused. We also congratulate those of you who completed your terms of service this year. You all have served as exceptional leaders, ones to whom your successors can look up to as they take up the baton …


… The new and existing officers who will govern CASBO in the coming year. Congratulations to our existing and newly elected officers! We appreciate the commitment that you’ve undertaken to CASBO and to our members as we continue to face adversity. Under your leadership, our association will look to you now to be our MVPs, and we know you will guide us through another successful year!