According to our early survey reports — not to mention onsite word of mouth — the verdict is in: After a too-long hiatus, our 2022 Annual Conference & California School Business Expo in Sacramento last month was a welcome experience!

We want to thank all of the many attendees who grabbed us in the hallways, at the Expo and during the social networking events to personally tell us how much you were enjoying the event and being together in person for the first time since 2019. For our part, we relished the smiles, the hugs, the fist and elbow bumps, and everything else that only a person-to-person meeting can engender. It was so great to see you all.

As you can imagine, to deliver an event we usually know by heart, we reached deeply into our history and tradition to access our conference “muscle” memory and provide you with three days that warranted your efforts of traveling, vaccination screening and sore feet! And there is no way we could have ever pulled it all off without the help and support of our many volunteers.

Let’s First Honor Our 2021-22 Award-Winning Leaders

For their contributions, we had several outstanding members who were recognized at our President’s Leadership Recognition Dinner in Sacramento on March 29 with CASBO awards. We congratulate and thank every one of these devoted, award-winning members for their service to CASBO!

Then, Put Your Hands Together for Our 2022 Annual Conference Committee

For all of the tireless and selfless work they did planning the 125 professional development sessions that ensured an unparalleled return to an in-person Annual Conference this year, we applaud with gratitude our 2022 Annual Conference Committee.

And Close the Recognition Loop With a Shout Out for Our 2022 Annual Conference Volunteer Task Force!

In recognition of their encouraging positivity and “can do” attitudes onsite in Sacramento, making certain each individual workshop and social event functioned as smoothly as possible, we gratefully acknowledge our 2022 Annual Conference Volunteer Task Force.

The grass-roots nature of our organization, and our members’ dedication and willingness to serve, are at the heart of what we do. It is for that reason that we annually acknowledge the steadfast member volunteers who have made a significant contribution to CASBO during the past year.

We thank all of you for the role you played on behalf of CASBO. You made a significant contribution to our association and our premier event, or were a source of critical support to someone who did. Without you, our volunteers, bringing Annual Conference back to Sacramento in person — and guiding CASBO through the past year of lingering COVID challenges — would never have been the successful and satisfying experience that it truly was.

It was such a joy to see you all again … and that makes us look forward even more with anticipation to Long Beach 2023.  Well done, everyone!