Compared to this time last year, when the pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic was putting on our schools’ abilities to provide a quality education and other resources to our state’s students (such as meals, educational materials and technology infrastructure), we’re beginning to see a way out of the proverbial woods via a hopeful outlook in our state’s budget, which is providing increased funding and programs that will help chart the course for recovery.

With the release of Gov. Newsom’s May Revise, which reflects a strong, economic turnaround projecting a $75.7 billion surplus and over $25 billion in federal relief, the formidable financial situation of the past year is giving way to some better news for our schools, our students and families, and our communities.

In the past couple of weeks, we at CASBO have been working to explain these developments through many of our communications avenues, including our NewsBreaks, WorkWise Webinar Series and CASBO Connect Podcast.

However, since the timing of these publications and sessions coincided with both a long holiday weekend and your busy, end-of-the-year school activities, we want to let you know that if you missed any of them, they’re still available for you as your time and schedule allow!

CASBO WorkWise Webinars

Past Session (May 25, 2021)
CASBO Governmental Relations Presents: May Revise Revisited

On May 25 we hosted a May Revise session in our WorkWise Webinar Series, where we heard School Services of California, Inc., President and CEO John Gray and Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team CEO Michael Fine discuss:

• Revised proposals from the governor’s January budget;
• Fiscal projections and the state economy; and
• In-person instruction and expanded learning opportunities.

We invite you to listen to this recorded webinar to learn more about the governor’s educational priorities and legislative reactions to the May Revise.

Upcoming Session (June 9, 2021)
CASBO Presents: ESSER Funds Update

Congress has provided support for schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund to address the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help guide you about how these funds can be used for instruction and support services, we’ve partnered with our advocacy experts to present the next webinar in our series, in which we’ll discuss:

• Federal guidance on use of funding and requirements,
• Best practices for expending ESSER funds, and
• The latest news from the federal government.

Join us as we provide you with this federal funding update!

CASBO Connect Podcast

Episode 11: May Revise

On May 21, we recorded this session following the release of the governor’s May Revision to his 2021-22 budget proposal. Hear CASBO’s Governmental Relations team discuss the budget highlights and the outlook for increased funding and programs.

CASBO NewsBreaks

May 12, 2021: Governor Newsom Announces Major Budget Investments for Public Education

Read the preliminary revised budget proposals shared by Gov. Newsom just before the release of the May Revise during his tour at Elkhorn Elementary School in the North Monterey County Unified School District.

May 14, 2021: Governor Newsom Releases the 2021-22 May Revision Proposal

Get a thorough analysis on the revised 2021-22 state budget, with details about the major proposals impacting the state fiscal conditions and public education systems.

June 3, 2021: Legislature Releases Its 2021-22 State Budget Version

Get an overview of the Legislature’s education section major proposals and various funding changes contained in the joint legislative version of the 2021-22 state budget issued in a joint statement by the chairs of the Assembly and Senate Budget Committees.

It’s been a trying year, and we’ve still got some road to travel, but we want you to know we’re still here for you, gathering insight from the best minds in our local education agencies, and best practices from the trusted advisors with whom we partner, in order to deliver every bit of information we can to help you through the continuing challenges created by the pandemic.

Take a moment to read or listen to one of the resources provided above and also watch your inbox for announcements about upcoming sessions and publications as we work to advocate on your behalf with California’s legislative and education leaders.

The recent journey has been both wearing and chaotic. We hope you’re getting a bit of a breather now, and we’re pleased to provide you with some hope and optimism for the year ahead!