Advocacy Days Update

The Legislative Committee and Advocacy Network Committee participated in CASBO’s 2023 advocacy days that took place on March 22nd and March 23rd. During the advocacy days, members had robust schedules that were composed of 42 meetings in a day and a half. These meetings were scheduled with legislators, education staff, and consultants.

  • 20 CASBO members were put into 6 teams.
  • 13 meetings were with legislators.
  • 24 meetings were with education staff.
  • 4 meetings were with consultants.


CASBO Coffee Meet and Greet

The first day of advocacy started with CASBO holding a coffee meet and greet to which members of the legislature and staff were invited to mingle with our committee members. The Legislative Committee and Advocacy Network Committee members enjoyed meeting the legislators and their staff during this intimate gathering to discuss policy and budget.

Legislative members in attendance included:

  • Senator John Laird, Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Education Finance #1
  • Senator Josh Newman, Chair of the Senate Education Committee
  • Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee
  • Assembly Member Mike Fong, Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee
  • Assembly Member Laura Friedman, Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee
  • Assemblymember Christopher Ward, member of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee


Lead Witness Testimonies

Two of the legislative committee members participated in policy committee hearings.



Honoring Diane Deshler (CASBO President) with an Assembly Resolution

Diane was honored by Assemblywoman Blanca Pacheco for her commitment to CASBO, and for her service as President. Members were able to join Diane to honor her and celebrate the 2023 CASBO Advocacy Days.


Outcomes from the Advocacy Days 

Legislators and education staff had robust discussions about CASBO’s platform and priorities and got heard from their constituents and the needs of their LEAs. Compliments were received on CASBO’s leave-behind pamphlet for its clarity, precision, and simplicity. Approximately 10 bills were brought to CASBO for member feedback, input, and support.