You may have heard that CASBO’s San Diego/Imperial Section is accepting applications for its Section Presidents’ Scholarship. If you are a CASBO San Diego/Imperial Section member, you are eligible to apply!

The Presidents’ Scholarship was created for members of the San Diego/Imperial Section who wish to improve themselves through approved study programs that will enhance the member’s job-related skills or prepare them for promotion or entry into other areas of expertise. This year, the section will be awarding four scholarships in the amount of $500 each.

You must be a current San Diego/Imperial Section member* to be eligible for this scholarship, and you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Must be an active CASBO San Diego/Imperial Section member enrolled in, or to be enrolled in, an education program which will lead to or promote progress within a school business profession; or
  • Must be an active CASBO San Diego/Imperial Section member who is employed in the education field who desires to expand their knowledge related to a school business profession as a CBO or other school business professional; or
  • Must be an active CASBO San Diego/Imperial Section member who is a post-graduate candidate in a school business profession at a college or university in support of CBO or other school business professional training.

The application window is open through October 22, 2021. Complete and submit your application, and see if you’re one of the lucky four who will receive a little help with your continuing education expenses!

*For purposes of scholarship eligibility requirements, an “individual CASBO San Diego/Imperial Section member” is a paid Organizational Subscription Employee Member. If you are not an eligible member, but you know someone who would be interested in this scholarship, please feel free to pass this information along!

And don’t forget — your section also participates in the statewide Bob Reeves Scholarship opportunity. Applications for that scholarship are due this Friday, October 15, so there’s no time to waste. Learn more and apply!