Thinking about applying for a Pat Kraft Memorial Scholarship but just haven’t had the time? Take action now … the deadline is about to expire! If you’re a CASBO Central Section member who is seeking some financial assistance with your career development, you have only until Wednesday, September 15 to take action!

Pat Kraft worked at Clovis Unified School District and was an active member in the CASBO Central Section who served at all levels on the section board of directors, including a term as Central Section President. He was also served on the accounting and financial services professional councils and various committees and actively presented workshops.

Pat dedicated his career to the students, staff and community of Clovis Unified and to CASBO’s Central Section. His willingness to share information and point members in the right direction if he was unable to assist them, as well as his skill in leading and mentoring section members with a smile and positive attitude are greatly missed.

You must be a current CASBO Central Section member* to be eligible for this $1,000 scholarship. As part of your application package, you’ll also need to submit at least two letters of recommendation; a program outline for course of study or certificate program; and information which includes, but is not limited to, your resume, an employer organizational chart showing your current position, your future educational plans, and a statement of how the classes or courses supported by this scholarship will help you achieve your professional goals.

The application window closes September 15, 2021. Complete and submit your application today, and see if you’re one of the lucky winners to receive financial assistance with your continuing education expenses!

*For purposes of scholarship eligibility requirements, an “individual CASBO Central Section member” is a paid Organizational Subscription Employee Member. If you are not an eligible member, but you know someone who would be interested in this scholarship, please feel free to pass this information along!