How can dedicated teams of leaders, school business officials, educators and entire school communities allocate resources to better meet the needs of all students?

That’s the story we’re sharing in the upcoming launch of our new, limited-series podcast presented jointly with WestEd, a national leader in research, development and service.

When it comes to equity, it’s not always easy to locate yourself on the map. Designed for anyone who wants to understand more about equitable allocation of funds, this podcast intends to help you get your “resource equity bearings” as you press your way into the noisy, bustling — and sometimes uncomfortable — intersection where equity meets educational resources.

Each episode of “Budgeting for Educational Equity,” will welcome education leaders and practitioners to discuss funding, educational improvements and advancing resource equity across all levels of California’s public education system.

Join our host, Jason Willis, area director for strategic resource planning and implementation at WestEd, as we explore their motivations, the tools they’re using, and what’s working and what they’ve learned.

“Our goal with this series is to raise understanding about resource equity and to help you think about and apply tangible strategies to achieve success for all students,” says CASBO CEO Tatia Davenport.

Advancing equity must continue to be a major focus for California public education at all levels of the system. We invite you to join us as we tap into the experiences of guest experts and colleagues who are doing the work every day of ensuring a more equitable allocation of resources.

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