CASBO Governmental Relations

CASBO aggressively advocates for sound policy in the areas of school business and finance. Through political advocacy and action, CASBO seeks to influence state and federal policymakers on business and finance issues for the benefit of public education.




By any reasonable measure, California’s public schools are woefully underfunded.  Even though education is consistently ranked as a top priority by California citizens, and voters have demonstrated their support for education through the passage of statewide initiatives such as Proposition 98 and Proposition 30, California’s rate of per-pupil is among the lowest of any state in the nation.

Clearly, more needs to be done.  IGNITE is CASBO’s initiative to shine a bright light on the need to provide additional funding to California public schools, and the many factors contributing to this need.

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Need assistance with Adovcacy? Here is who to contact:

Sara Bachez

Assistant Executive Director
Governmental Relations
(916) 447-3783, ext. 2250

Elizabeth Munguia

Legislative Advocate
(916) 447-3783, ext. 2244

Alysha Heatherly

Administrative and Legislative Assistant
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