We need you to make your voice heard by sending a message to your state representatives by June 10, 2022.

On June 1, 2022, the legislature announced their budget plan and action items in response to the Governor’s May Revision. The legislative plan serves as the basis of their negotiations with the Governor.

  1. Rejects the Governor’s May Revision proposal to provide COVID average daily attendance (ADA) relief. This proposal provides fiscal protection for schools that experienced significant attendance declines in 2021-22 due to the impacts of the Delta and Omicron surges.
  2. Requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to offer transportation to all TK-6 and low-income students beginning in the 2027–28 school year. This would create an unsustainable new mandate. Home-to-School Transportation funding should go towards increasing the reimbursement percentage and provide a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

With the June 15th deadline to pass a budget bill just around the corner, budget negotiations have begun with the Governor and the Legislature. They need to hear from local educational leaders pushing back on these changes before they finalize a budget.

View CASBO’s Positions and Contact Your Legislators

CASBO encourages all LEA employees to contact their legislators today using our automated system. This tool will provide a prepopulated “Call to Action” message, making it easy for you to act.

Thank you for your support in this matter. Remember that the most effective and convenient way to become involved is by joining CASBO’s Count Me In campaign. To participate, please email countmein@casbo.org.

We ask that only current employees of a local educational agency use this tool to contact state representatives.