Chief Innovation Officer Certification Program to Begin Fall 2018

Joyce Tribbey
Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Education Innovation Alliance (EIA), a unique partnership in which CASBO is participating, has designed an unprecedented professional blended learning opportunity to guide and mentor school district leaders in the accelerated changing landscape of educational technology.

Today’s leaders are expected to manage complex change initiatives such as the Local Control Funding Formula, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), Every Student Succeeds Act and state standards that require a comprehensive technology infrastructure to support the digital teaching and learning transformation.

These system changes call for a highly skilled superintendent and cabinet to understand the complex technology solutions to be implemented. EIA’s vision is to build that innovative leadership capacity by empowering a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) to drive the digital transformation in K-12 school districts. 

To achieve that, this fall EIA is offering an eight-month personalized learning program that leads to full CIO certification and is based on a new model of micro-credentials:

  • Vision, Leadership, Innovation
  • Teaching & Learning
  • IT Management: Network & Infrastucture
  • Policy & Culture
  • Professional Learning & Building Capacity
  • Assessment & Data
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Chief Innovation Officer

EIA's CIO certification program is intended to teach both non-technical and technical leaders about innovation and technology so they can better lead their local education agencies through technology-related initiatives and challenges. Understanding common mistakes, best practices, communication strategies and policies, as well as building an ongoing network of support with peers and experts, is a best practice in dealing with both current challenges and those yet to come.

With sessions presented by a faculty of K-12 thought leaders and technology industry experts in the field and the micro-credentials that are stackable towards the CIO certification, the well-reviewed program furthers EIA’s mission of supporting superintendent and cabinet members by developing their leadership and technical skill-sets to drive districtwide educational technology initiatives that affect student performance through the district LCAP process.

The 2018-19 schedule includes four face-to-face meetings mixed with online sessions. Participants will have access to a learning management system, learning apps, WebEx video conferencing and electronic resources; and tuition includes meals, credentials, licensing, and e-folio and materials.

Registrations will be accepted by nomination only. If you are interested in participating in the program, prospective students should request a nomination to enroll. Once the nomination is submitted, EIA will contact each applicant to schedule an interview. Teams of two or more are highly encouraged!

To learn more, view the brochure, or visit EIA’s website.