CASBO CBO Training Program (now known as the CASBO Business Executives Leadership Program)


CASBO is pleased to announce the continuation of our CBO Training Program, now known as the CASBO Business Executives Leadership Program! Click the program titles to view details and register online.

Starting Soon

  • Santa Clara COE (program begins 2/8/19) - Sold Out!
  • Orange County DOE (program begins 4/26/19) - Sold Out!

In Progress

  • San Joaquin COE (program began 3/2/18)
  • Santa Barbara County Education Office (program began 3/16/18)
  • San Luis Obispo COE (program began 10/19/18)


  • Sonoma COE (program began 4/22/16)
  • Santa Clara COE (program began 6/17/16)
  • San Luis Obispo COE (program began 9/30/16)
  • Sutter COE (program began 12/9/16)
  • Central Valley (at Madera COE; program began 3/17/17)
  • San Bernardino CSS (program began 5/19/17)
  • San Diego COE (program began 7/21/17)

About the CBO Training/Business Executives Leadership Program

Originally developed in partnership with the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team, California County Superintendents Education Services Association, Association of California School Administrators, California School Boards Association, California's Coalition for Adequate School Housing and School Services of California, Inc., our program is a multi-week learning opportunity designed to ensure the success of future CBOs.

The program’s approach to training combines the experience and expertise of our seven organizations, each with a long history of successfully providing training to school business staff. Experienced and practicing CBOs, as well as other education professionals, have worked to develop and deliver the curriculum, with training hosted by a volunteering county office of education.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program curriculum includes everything a potential CBO needs to know in finance and budget, student transportation, food services, leadership roles, risk management, maintenance & operations, and more. Participants receive instruction in both written and oral communications; and the content is presented in an in-person lecture format, relying upon class discussion, small group projects, and out-of-class assignments/practical application.

Delivery Model and Cost

Each program is approximately 440 hours long, including outside homework and projects, following a three-session layout. Students may participate in one or more sessions; and completion of two or more sessions can be used to satisfy the requirements for a CASBO Certification. Full program tuition is $3,500 for all participants.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the program, please view our FAQs.


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