Buyers Guide

Better than searching on the Internet. Easier to find than a business card.

Our Buyers Guide is a listing of products and services supplied by CASBO-associated businesses, organized within categories that match our 15 school business disciplines to make it easier than ever to find just what you need. We believe that how well you approach your job on a daily basis depends in part on having the best resources. If you have a budget, this is one resource that has your back!

 Erik Elkington
 (916) 216-8562
ALC Schools provides consistent and cost-saving alternative student transportation for your special needs students, McKinney-Vento, and hardest to serve routes utilizing our cutting edge technology and more than a decade of experience. Transporting more than 10,000 children per day, ALC's two fully-staffed dispatch centers, routing and optimization group, document integrity teams, and field support staff never lose site of each students individual need pairing child with vehicle, while providing school districts the support and specialized reporting they require. From coast to coast and year-round, ALC does all that while focusing on the one.
 Greg Berry
 (800) 531-6074
Municibid is a free and easy-to-use service for California Schools to auction surplus to the public via our online auction platform. You always keep 100% of the proceeds and you are never obligated to accept the results. With Municibid, you have complete control over the auction process. You will benefit from Municibid's comprehensive marketing program to ensure your items are in front of a huge audience of buyers. You'll also enjoy our personalized, high-level of customer service.