Buyers Guide

Better than searching on the Internet. Easier to find than a business card.

Our Buyers Guide is a listing of products and services supplied by CASBO-associated businesses, organized within categories that match our 15 school business disciplines to make it easier than ever to find just what you need. We believe that how well you approach your job on a daily basis depends in part on having the best resources. If you have a budget, this is one resource that has your back!

 Dr. June Francis A. Rono
 (408) 386-6683
Business and management consulting services that includes bond program and project management services, cost avoidance services, training and compliance, charter school management, efficiency studies, failure analysis, school capacity analysis, and other business support services.
 Tania Bradford
 (714) 356-4966
Rethink Ed is an educational technology company that is transforming the way teachers and students learn, grow, develop and succeed, helping school districts create healthy, positive cultures of learning. With evidence-based learning solutions, technology-based tools, resources and on-demand video instruction, Rethink Ed’s platforms are changing the world one student, one teacher, one classroom at a time.