Our beliefs, values and language often determine our success. But where can we turn to get in the right frame of mind to truly be successful, and what does that sound like in our heads? It all starts with helpful mantras!

Here are five mantras that will change your entire life if you truly believe and practice them, according to Amy M. Chambers in Entrepreneur.

  1. I can do this. Things will work out.

Instead of concluding that all is lost after a setback, instead ask: “What can I learn from this? How can I use this to make me better?” Don’t think long about the one thing that didn’t work out. Instead, refocus your energy on the things that are going well. The more you believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities, the better you’ll rebound from setbacks.

  1. The past doesn’t matter. I can let this go.

When we feel harmed or hurt, we tend to hang onto it for longer than we should. The past is written — it can’t be changed. If we’re reflecting on the past to help us learn from our mistakes, that’s one thing. Find the lessons, then move on with new insight and wisdom.

Then, make a conscious decision to forgive others (and yourself) for mistakes. Sometimes people will say: “But it’s so hard to get over this!” Sure, it can be hard to let something go, but you do have a choice in that. Choose to focus your conscious energy on who you are trying to become in the future.

  1. I’m sorry. I will fix this.

When we’ve experienced conflict with someone, it’s not always easy to take accountability or responsibility and focus on the part of the situation that we can mend. We like to focus on what’s been done to us instead.

Assigning blame elsewhere can feel good because it takes us out of the hot seat and helps us feel that our reactions are justified. Instead, have the humility to say: “You’re right. I did that, and I’m sorry. Here’s what I’m going to do about it.”

When we do that, a few things happen. First, others respect us more. Second, we pull ourselves back into our circle of control and identify actions that we plan to take to improve things. Third, we lead by example and show others what it looks like to also do this.

  1. I need help.

Sometimes, it can be scary to ask for help. Many of us feel that if we’re capable and successful, we should figure out how to do it all ourselves. It’s nice to feel strong, and asking for help can make us feel weak. However, it takes a strong person to ask for help. Find people you admire and trust, then be vulnerable and say you could use some assistance. That’s part of building great relationships and it’s actually what great leaders and professionals do.

  1. I made a mistake and that’s OK

There are few examples of highly successful people who didn’t struggle greatly or err numerous times on their journey. When we embrace mistakes, we tend to enjoy the journey of life far more. Mistakes often mean that we’re experimenting and trying something new, which puts us out of our comfort zones and makes us learn.

The sooner you can adopt that mindset, the faster you’ll advance and the better you’ll feel doing it.