If you’ve been considering applying for our open Northern Section State Director position on the CASBO Board of Directors, but just haven’t yet had the time, take note: The application window closes Wednesday, April 28!

If you’re a CASBO individual member in the Northern Section who would like to become more involved in CASBO leadership activities, the CASBO Nominations & Elections Committee is soliciting membership candidates through Wednesday to fulfill a partial term of service as a board member due to a recent vacancy. The term will begin immediately upon selection and continue through the close of our 2023 Annual Conference in Long Beach.

Northern Section State Director

Candidates for Section State Director are solicited from the section membership. Candidates must be able to travel to and attend four (4) annual meetings of the Board of Directors1, as well as participate in section events and activities. To be considered for the position, a candidate must also meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a CASBO individual member2 in good standing for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years;
  • Must have served a minimum of two (2) years in a responsible leadership position, which may include serving as a chair or assistant chair of a committee or council at the section level; and
  • Must demonstrate awareness and commitment to the association’s goals and objectives as defined in the current strategic plan.

Interested candidates should complete an application and submit it no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. (If you are not eligible to serve, but you know someone who is, please feel free to forward this information to them!) CASBO will forward the completed applications to the Northern Section Board of Directors and the CASBO Nominations & Elections Committee.

The section board will certify all qualified candidates3 and forward the names to the Nominations & Elections Committee, who will review all candidates and thereafter refer them to the CASBO Board of Directors for approval in May.

If you’d like to give back to your profession, improve your leadership skills or expand your network of colleagues, this is a unique opportunity to do so. Think about joining CASBO leadership and throw your hat in the ring today!

1Section 2005 of the CASBO Manual of Procedures establishes the role of the CASBO Board of Directors. Interested candidates should review this section prior to applying to be sure they understand the duties and responsibilities of the position.

2Membership Definitions:

a. A “CASBO individual member” is anyone who for the last three (3) years was, and now is, a current Career Builder Member or Organizational Subscriber Employee Member.

b. A CASBO “Honorary Life Member” is anyone who, for the last three (3) years, has held an Honorary Life membership, or has held a combination of an Honorary Life membership with a Career Builder or Organizational Subscriber Employee membership, such that their current membership when combined with their previous membership satisfies the consecutive three (3)-year required period.

3Section certification indicates that an individual meets the criteria as established. It is not intended to nor does it convey endorsement of any candidate.